Students should attend all the hours in the academic schedule. A common attendance register is maintained with the attendance taken at 9.35 a.m. and 1.40 p.m.


A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear for the university end semester examinations.


Attendance is taken every hour. Each teacher maintains a separate attendance register for each course/subject within the semester. Marks will be allotted as per attendance for each of the courses as part of internal assessment.


Punctuality is an integral ingredient of discipline. Attendance is given only within the first five minutes of the hour. Latecomers will not be given attendance.


Teachers will report the names of students who are irregular for class to the class teacher. The matter will be handled at the department level and when required by the Principal.


A student taking leave should submit the prescribed leave form to be ratified by the Principal. A student unable to attend the class for five consecutive working days because of serious illness should submit the required medical certificate.


The leave form must be endorsed and signed by the parent/guardian/hostel warden.


Only when students represent the college in intercollegiate events with the required permission from the Principal, attendance is given as an exception. Students going for practices during class hours for a college function can get attendance only with the explicit directive from the Principal.


A student can go out of the campus during class hours only with the written permission received from the Principal presented to the Security at the main gate.